dilluns, 7 de maig de 2012

Furguson, Me and the Bees and La Castanya at The Great Escape Festival

Furguson, Me and the Bees and La Castanya are taking part of The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK.

The shows will take place from May 10th until May 12th, see you there!

• 10th May, 19.45h: Blind Tiger
• 11th May, 15h: Prince Albert
Furguson shows great taste in combining melody and post-punk elements. The results from this exciting combination would be somewhere in between HEALTH, The Rapture and Cap’n’Jazz.

• 11th May, 20h: Psychosocial Ground Floor
• 12th May, 18h: The Hub - Jubilee Square
The perfect meeting point between the australians The Go Betweens melodies, the lo-fi shapes of Guided by voices and Pavement and a lifefull sense of pop that leads them directly towards Olympia and the K Records scene.

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